Saturday, November 15, 2014

3am Kampalan time!

Sat at Heathrow wondering what the Ugandan people will be like and imagining how they might be feeling about meeting our group on the WaterAid Supporters trip.

Fastforward to our nighttime drive from Entebbe to our hotel in Kampala. I may have seen Lake Victoria shimmering in the distance, should be big enough to notice! Everything shielded behind lengths of corrugated iron fencing reflecting the lights of solitary petrol stations or painted in bright colours providing a clue of what lays behind.

Shops and offices line the road, a haphazard conglomerate of make do sheds, garages, containers and carts. From dentistry to dates you can find it here! Motorbikes carrying 3 Ugandans occassionally glide past us.

The hotel is welcome and welcoming.
Just about to arrange my mosquito net, briefing in the morning before travelling to Soroti. Night night.

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  1. How uplifting and humbling to know that you have such a wonderful account fascinating and great pics Gill fab!