Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Good to Meet you!

A truly inspiring day! An early start and an easier drive to Bobol village. WaterAid with their partners had helped the villagers dig their own borehole and construct their own latrines.

WaterAid Borehole Bobol
The impact on the village has been miraculous. David the head of our host family told us that previous to the borehole the villagers had to walk a round trip of approx. 30 km to a filthy spring to collect water. This trip took 5 hours and had to be undertaken twice a day. That is an arduous full time task for one family member to serve their family and with water that would regularly make them ill.

The borehole has meant they can live not purely survive like the villagers in Ojolai yesterday. We saw smarter houses, happier children and a greater variety of crops and animals.

David and Samuel installing a Tip Tap
Our host family were proud of their latrines, tip tap ( a heath Robinson affair, cleaning hands from a bottle of water without touching the bottle) and bath house. The family were evangelical about hygiene; each of our group were invited in turn to take a shower which involved scoping water over oneself from a large red bowl behind a lowish brick wall!

WaterAid through WASH provide a sustainable solution for the village. One of the exciting initiatives I learnt about today involved the monthly standing charge paid by the villagers for the upkeep and maintenance of the borehole. Once a surplus of funds is achieved this is lent to the villagers for business enterprise. It really is about Water-Life-Sustainability-Betterment.

Roger milking a cow

For my betterment today I washed up Bobol style, milked a cow, shelled peanuts and tried to cook bread!

All this achieved in the morning as in the afternoon we were guests at Wera primary school. With a very big thank you thank you from the 800 pupils and staff to Wateraid supporters for helping them to build latrines and a borehole. The school was brighter and the children less shy than the school yesterday.

They sang and danced a good to meet you and thank you WaterAid song which was beautiful until I joined in.

Welcome Visitors from Wera School

Big push for World Toilet Day tomorrow when we are honored to be accompanied by the Ugandan prime minister as we join in activities for the big day!  Wera primary school and some of our team may be on BBC Newsround tomorrow, check it out!

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