Tuesday, November 18, 2014

You are welcome

What a truly amazing day. We travelled along tarmac road, red dust road and finally bush track to reach Ojolai village.

Watering Hole Ojolai
The villages main water supply needs to be collected by the 100 or so families from a watering hole shared with animals. The water is still, milky brown and likely to dry up completely between December and March. I collected 2 x 10 litres for my host family in the heat and was exhausted. To undertake the task 2 - 3 times a day, every day for unsafe water is unimaginable.

Borehole water is in the next village a 6km round trip and is expensive for the people of Ojolai. The WaterAid Ugandan staff tell us a borehole solution for Ojolai is complex. This I do not doubt, with their resourcefulness if they could have found a way themselves they would.

Killing germs by smoke, school latrines

I learnt they returned to their village from refugee camps after fleeing from the Lords Resistance Army. Since that time they have reclaimed their village from the bush, planted many crops and built a school. We visited the primary school, woefully lacking in facilities but built by the proud patents to educate their children. The children sang You are Welcome, and certainly we were welcomed by these amazing people.

Our interpreters grandmother who struggles to collect water by herself
During our time with our host family we gave them lots of laughter as they watched our attempts to plough, hoe and sweep. I hope we can also give them the gift of clean water and an easier and healthier life.

Tomorrow we visit a village and a school which have exactly that, can't wait to visit and meet more of the wonderful Ugandan people.

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