Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday in Soroti

We travelled from Kampala to Soroti today in around 7 hours. Many Ugandans in their Sunday best, going to church, playing football and cricket or hanging out with motorbikes and friends.

We passed many men, women and children carrying yellow jerry cans on bikes,on heads and in hands. It may be a day if rest but water still has to be collected
This evening our supporters group have received a detailed briefing of events for the next few days. Tomorrow we are visiting a village called Ouolai, home to 600 people who do not have access to clean water or toilets. Split into groups we will each help a family with chores in the morning before visiting the village school in the afternoon. Myself and Fiona from Welsh Water and Roger from South West Water will be the guests of Samuel and Selina and their two young children. Please take a look at my blog tomorrow evening to find out how we got on. Bye for now

Even briefing cannot for see a flat tyre

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